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Mini Scent Diffusers

Mini Scent Diffusers

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Introducing the Scent Diffuser Mini - your portable solution to bring the luxurious scent of your favorite hotel wherever you are.

With its customizable timer functionality, this mini scent diffuser perfectly complements our 20 mL Scent Diffuser, ensuring a consistent and exceptional aroma fills the air.

Innovative Water-less Mini Scent Difuser

Using cold-air diffusion technology, our Scent Diffuser Mini transforms our hotel-inspired fragrances into a dry nano-mist. This innovative method allows the scent to linger in the air for a longer duration, providing superior and long-lasting coverage. What's more, this diffuser requires no water or heat, preserving the therapeutic properties of our fragrance oils while maintaining their original scent.

Thanks to its advanced atomization technology, the Scent Diffuser Mini leaves no residue behind, making it safe for pets, children, artwork, and furniture. Enjoy the luxurious experience of your favorite hotel scent anytime, anywhere, with the Scent Diffuser Mini.


  • Coverage of up to 500 square feet
  • Waterless, heatless technology
  • No waste or residue
  • Safe for children, pets, artwork, and furniture
  • Portable can be taken with you anywhere
  • Rechargeable with fast charging
  • Size 2" x 4.25"
  • Manufactured with 100% recycled aluminum
  • Touch screen (no remote control)
  • Adjust device timer and misting timer

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